Our Philosophy:

We believe that as a preschool, age appropriate activities with loving guidance should be incorporated daily to instruct the child in basic math, language, and science and reading concepts.

We believe the autonomy of each child should be accepted and respected as a unique creation of God.

We believe Bible truths should be taught through Bible stories and by the actions and attitudes of administrative staff, teachers, and aids.

We believe that the application of unit themes should be founded on the premise that God created the world and everything in it as stated in Genesis 1:31 God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.

We believe that creative expression should be promoted in art, dramatic play, music, and recreation to reinforce the child’s develpoing personality and self-esteem.

We respect the parents’ role as the first and primary teacher and the legal authority for the child’s best welfare as structured by God’s institutuion of the family.

King’s Way Learning Academy teaches only traditional family roles and liifestyles as instituted by God in Genesis 2:24.  We do not teach alternate family lifestyles.

We believe that a daily schedule should be maintained consistently to safely promote the health, growth, and development of each child physically.


Mission Statement:

We desire to provide a high quality educational experience along with the grace and mercy of heartfelt ministry to the children and families of King’s Way Church and Christian Center and the surrounding communities.  We seek to minister to the whole person assisting with physical, educational, social, mental and spiritual development.  We strive for excellence in academics, spiritual training, physical activities, music and arts.  We desire to minister to persons of all races and economic status.  We endeavor to express a living example of the love modeled for us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to everyone in our community through King’s Way Learning Academy.